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Cockeyed Farms

Honey Trio

Honey Trio

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  • Honey Trio includes 3 Jars of Honey: 1 Creamed Honey, 1 Blueberry Creamed Honey & 1 American Elderberry Honey
  • BEEyond Organik: we entrust our honeybees to provide the tastiest, healthiest treat

Q: What is creamed honey:

A: Creamed honey is raw honey that has been stirred in a controlled way to form a fine granulation. Creamed honey is NOT temperature treated and NOTHING is removed. It is simply stirred to create a desirable texture.

  • Enhance your morning smoothie or cereal
  • Unique charcuterie board addition
  • An easy way to boost a cup of coffee or tea with your daily dose of antioxidant rich, allergy fighting superfood
  • Honey does not need to be refrigerated but to keep our Creamed Honey’s “creaminess” we suggest storing it in a cool place during warm weather

More delicious for your dollar! Our Creamed Honey Trio is the best of ALL, allowing you to enjoy each of our decadent, spreadable honeys.

PERFECT TRAVEL SIZE!! 48 servings/jar

Ingredients: Honey.


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