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Cockeyed Farms

American Elderberry Creamed Honey

American Elderberry Creamed Honey

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  • BEEyond Organik: we entrust our honeybees to provide a natural preservative for our organic berries
  • A superfood time capsule for your health, we freeze-dry our organic American elderberry before creaming it into our local honey

Q: What is freeze-drying?

A: An advanced form of dehydration that removes a product’s water content by turning from ice to vapor. The 3-step process preserves a product’s nutritional value up to 98%, taste and appearance while extending shelf life up to 25 years.

Q: What is creamed honey:

A: Creamed honey is raw honey that has been stirred in a controlled way to form a fine granulation. Creamed honey is NOT temperature treated and NOTHING is removed. It is simply stirred to create a desirable texture.

  • Elevate your family gathering by infusing your holiday ham with our American Elderberry Creamed Honey.
  • Delicious on sausage or bacon for a sweet and savory option
  • An easy way to boost a cup of coffee or tea with your daily dose of antioxidant rich, allergy fighting superfood
  • Honey does not need to be refrigerated but to keep our American Elderberry Creamed Honey’s “creaminess” we suggest storing it in a cool place during warm weather

A decadent, spreadable honey loaded with 525 mg/serving of antioxidant enriched American elderberry. 48 servings/jar

Ingredients: Honey, freeze dried American elderberries (Sambucus canedensis).


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